Quick Start gets you testing sooner

We've introduced Quick Start to FlashcardsMate. Quick Start lets you get started testing sooner using study lists created by our other members. To find out more, check out our introductory YouTube video.

We've added picture flashcards

FlashcardsMate now includes picture flashcards. You can upload your own pictures or link to pictures on the web. Now you can make your study a bit more colourful.

FlashcardsMate is on YouTube

FlashcardsMate now has a YouTube channel. Our first video provides a short tutorial on getting started with FlashcardsMate. So, visit our channel and check out the helpful content there.

extr@ Episode 1

The first episode of Spanish extr@ is ready. Now you can watch Channel 4's intermediate Spanish show using our interactive Spanish subtitles. Click a subtitle and hear the dialog again. Improve your Spanish aural comprehension with this fun sit-com.

Introducing Quizes

Are you looking for a way to run pop quizes for your students, friends or colleagues? Well FlashcardsMate now supports real time quizes. You enter the questions and you run the quiz. And because it runs through the browser, everyone can join your quiz right away.

Performance Improvements

We've made some behind the scenes changes to make FlashcardsMate load quicker. Plus, we've removed that frustrating wait whilst FlashcardsMate starts up. These changes are designed to get you studying sooner.